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Things That Lost Probably Won't Answer
1: Libby. I know she's coming back to the show, but I doubt they'll explain anything in a cool way. It'll be just for fanservice.
2: The whole pregnancy situation on the island. I thought with Juliet being there she might have something to do with it, or be able to fix it. Or discover exactly why it's this way when it wasn't always like that. Whoops.
2: The whispers. They're totally going to cop out on these, I think. "It was just The Others trying to scare the losties." (Yeah, that's why that when you read transcripts it is chock full of just bizarre things that they have no business knowing, dead characters speaking, etc.)
3: The Island. They've already confirmed that they're never going to explain "what the island is". (Their excuse of "it's like the force! lol!" strikes me more as "We have no imagination! lol!" Seriously? That's their reasoning? They say they're all about the characters, but one of the very first mysteries was..well.. "Guys..where are we?" Sorry Charlie, we'll never know. It's just magic. Or something.
4: Annie. Remember her? Ben's childhood friend they hyped up during season 3. (In the commentaries they said she would be very crucial to future storylines. They also said the island's volcano would. Either they're liars, or they have no idea what they're doing. Understandably after they hyped her up, people sort of expected them to kind of..address that.
5: ..ahh this is too depressing lots of things.

I think they wasted season 5 in some ways. (The whole DHARMA timeline plot was just so silly to me. Season 2 hyped up DHARMA to be this superimportant ultra mysterious creepy key to the island's mythology, but we find out that they were just a bunch of hippies. With guns. I think one of the shows biggest disappointments, overall, will be DHARMA. We didn't get anything useful with young Ben. (oh sayid shot him..oh he's taken to the temple to be healed. Oh they..have this silly cartoon "HE WILL ALWAYS BE ONE OF US NOW AND EVIL AND oh btw he won't remember this lol" Which was a pretty "..what" thing to do. It would totally be in Ben's character to remember everything, just pretend not to. (It would also explain why he's such an asshole to Sayid.) I know they did it to fill in a supposed plothole, but ..it's fucking Benjamin Linus. Having him remember would just fit his character so well.

And anyway if they did some Annie stuff the perfect time would be season 5. Unless they're planning on revealing the rest of the story in season 6, which I find unlikely. (They're too focused on ALTERNATE TIMELINE OH GOD!!!) Which could end up being amazing and wonderful and I was wrong about everything, but to me they're spending wayyy too much time with that shit. It's the final season, for fucks sakes. Focusing so much time on that feels like a mistake. But I'll wait until it's complete to say I hate it forever and it deserves to die.

LOST is a frustrating show to like sometimes. While I find it to be one of the best shows in regards to actually expanding on what can be done on TV. (As opposed to the trend of being some boring crime show. CSI: ISLAND) I also find it to waste quite a bit of potential as it goes along. Some of it could be said to be network restrictions, not knowing when the show could end before season 3, but I think a fair share of it is they just don't know what the hell they're doing.


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