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I have recently come into the possession of an AMAZON KINDLE! It is nice. Very nice, in fact. You may be asking (well, probably not, but I'm bored so making an entry in which I invent imaginary people to question my electronic reading device purchases fills me with hope, okay??) "But nymeria, why don't you just buy REAL books?" That is a very good question. I don't have an answer for you, imaginary person! I like it, though. What I DON'T like, is the formatting on some of the books. I wish there was some standard of quality, because some books are fine and great but then there are just we-ird formatting issues on some titles! I hope they fix this.

ANYWAY, with my new found ability to read things, I have been in fact reading. Here's some short book reviews!

A CLASH OF KINGS. because I can't be arsed to read the first one again. It's awesome how the plotline and how all the characters connect is actually starting to make sense to me. On my first reading everything was just a bunch of garglespeak to me, so it's nice to realize what the hell is going on. Most people have a basic understanding of the plot on their first reading, but I'm not most people! My favorite character is still Arya, although Asha and some others are creeping up on the list.

THE HUNGER GAMES. In which I read YOUNG ADULT literature. Shut up. This book was a nice surprise. I'm pretty sure it's a knockoff of some other book with a similar premise, but I liked the sense of humor it had, and the main character. It's young adult, so it's not going to exactly blow you away with stunning insights into the human condition, but the main character kills things with bows. I don't really ask for a lot more. (The culture around it is pretty interesting too. In which everyone accepts this as a perfectly normal thing to send children to fight to the death.)

THE HAINDMAID'S TALE. This is a really hard book for me to write down thoughts on. I will say that the humor in it surprised the hell out of me. I was expecting something really gloomy. (Which it was, no doubt, but yeah) The epilogue was..quite something.

ORYX AND CRAKE/THE YEAR OF THE FLOOD. I loved that the sequel pretty much ran along side the first one, for the most part. Learning about how this all came to be was pretty well done, and the abrupt ending didn't really bother me much, as the second pretty much moves beyond that. (With..another abrupt ending..) Maybe there will be a third that lets us continue moving 15 minutes past where the first one ended. I loved both of them, maybe The year of the flood more. The God's Gardner's were really interesting to learn about. My favorite hippie cult I've had the pleasure of reading in quite some time, no doubt.

I've read some other books, but I'll get to them later. This is a pretty boring first update, and my so called book reviews don't really tell you anything what they're about. But hey, that's what wikipedia is for. Expect a lot of links to it when I can't be bothered to explain anything about books.

I may or may not get into PERSONAL LIFE things, eventually, although not a whole lot happens.

Well, that's that. I'll probably post more book stuff, or video games. Maybe some TV stuff.


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